I am Vigneswaran and I have colitis.

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I have gone through a miserable life and depression at beginning stage of colitis, but that’s not an obstacle for me. Ulcerative colitis a disease that can be beat it.

“Always believe there are better life waiting for us”.

About my story with colitis

I’m probably just like you. Before I was diagnosed, I went for months and years struggling with undiagnosed symptoms. Then of course the bleeding, diarrhea came along, and I still didn’t tell anyone. When things got really bad until I realize that my weight getting down. I was really scared and went to hospital for further treatment got a colonoscopy and received the news: “Ulcerative Colitis”. From there, I started all sorts of medications, and unfortunately I had very limited success.
Then…. Start to figure out for the solutions,

In my journey, learned lot of things to overcome colitis. Luckily, meet up another colitis patient, he helped and guide me lot. I was able to take control of my colitis with some diet changes I always thought diet must have something to do with my colitis, and moreover we should learn how control our stress.

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There is a lot of stuffs/ info/ things you can search from here to learn more about colitis and help you to overcome ulcerative colitis. It has taken me thousands of hours to put it all together over the years, but it has been well worth it. From HealthyColitis.com you can find most of valuable information written by me and by those who having colitis…

Ulcerative colitis definitely doesn’t need to be some big scary disaster that never ends.